Working on Mr. Grumpy

I was working on Mr. Grumpy last week. It was quite challenging as I'm only 5 heads into my 100 headcounts.

100 Headcounts?

I am not good at sculpting and I intend to get better at it. I believe in the saying that I'll master anything if I do it 100 times. Hence, I started off this 100 heads project where I only sculpt heads. Now, with 5 heads in, I'm quite confident in the generic head but the results are still pretty rough.

Here's what head no. 1 looks like...

This is what head no. 5, Mr. Grumpy, looks like...

So, I'm 95 heads more to go and I'm quite happy with the results. I'll keep you lot posted on what's next to come.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @limliwei_art if you would like to see daily updates on the sculptures I'm making.


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