I find myself going online and bumping into stuff. Then I get all excited and do nothing about it except saving it for later.

But in this context, later means, until I reviewed my stored articles again to find it either, doesn’t exist anymore or I’m no longer interested.

After bumping into this article, I found out that those ’stuff’ which I’ve kept could be worth something. After all, I do consider myself as a creator.

Maybe less of a creator but more of a prosumer.

Basically, most artists now are prosumers anyway if I may be honest. But that does not mean that it’s less original. It’s just that they’ve been consuming as well as producing.

I guess I should start curating my own information input and put them to better use than a stored link in my ever-growing list.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to upload a big portion of my works on the portfolio section of this website and I will be going back to it to talk about it on this blog. Feel free to browse it, though it’s still a work in progress.

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