What comes first?

The egg or the chicken?


The above question is not alien to many of us yet it is difficult to answer in a casual conversation. As I asked this myself, I went on with many more questions like seeking the origins of life perhaps. Whether or not we accept Darwin’s theory is still up for many controversial discussions especially when our respective faith is taken into consideration.

Inspired by a simple question and a little bit of further elaboration, including some adapted science fiction theory, I’ve composed this drawing as a personal answer to the question above. With a little hint of a retro alien flying saucer and some other details such as the surreal structure that grew from an outline of a nose (plus a little sense of humour and comedy), this egg-shaped structure carries the symbol of an assimilated idea from many aspects (science, philosophy, fiction et cetera) that revolved around this one question, ‘What are the origins of life?’ and to whether the chicken or the egg that won the race into this world.


Title: Egg
Medium: Chalk and Charcoal on Canvas
Size: 100cm x 100cm
Year: 2012

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