We all have our fears. Those fears can be crippling at times. To overcome such fears, we were told we need to face them.

Fears cripple minds.
And in turn, cripple bodies.

That was also how my mind was crippled at one time.

I let fear overwhelm me and my body too was crippled. I sat on my bed for days and dare not even venture out from the ‘safety’ of my room.

But eventually, I managed to summon up my courage and walk out of my invisible prison.

Courage is something which I need to maintain. It became somewhat an active effort from my part. Losing my concentration to summon it will end up in finding myself rushing back into my invisible prison again.

Do we confront those fears or work our way around it?

There’s no answer to that from me, unfortunately. I face my fear every day, crumbling every time and standing up again. Every time I face my fear, it grew bigger. Every time I stared at a blank canvas, it became even more overwhelming.

But overwhelming or not, it has to be done.

It takes a lot more to work on an artwork. I know I’ll feel better once the mark has been made. However, every time I start something new, fear continues to cripple me.

Just because I was crippled that doesn’t mean I’ll be defeated.

There’s always courage.

’Hope is…
a decision…
There may be times confronted by cruel reality, we verge on losing all hope.
If we can not feel hope, it is time to create some’

-Daisaku Ikeda

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