Listen to the canvas
The visual elements often describe a place. Have you noticed how sounds change in different forms of architecture?
That's how sounds describe a place as a painting does with lines and forms.
This work is my first attempt at working with sounds.


"51.4947186,-0.1436198000000104" was printed on a piece of paper and pasted on a blank 12″ x 16″ canvas with the recorded sound played in medium to low volume and seamlessly repeated. The entire piece was hung onto a wall carelessly as well as with a crude approach.
"51.4947186,-0.1436198000000104" is the coordinates of the location of the audio played was recorded which is inside London Victoria Station. The work is titled after the first two digits of the coordinates.


Title: Fifty-One (51)
Medium: Sound and Canvas on Wall
Size: 12″ x 16″
Year: 2017

Sample Sounds:



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