Fitting into a Box

Keep trying to fit in

Artist Statement

I struggle with my identity as I do not know what it is. Often stereotypes or common perception of what normal behaviour make one feel like one could not fit in.

Do we let our heritage define us?

Am I Chinese enough?

Should I show my allegiance to a country that's not mine, to begin with?

Am I supposed to take sides when there's a race war?

Am I a baba?

Do I learn their customs just because I was born half of one?

Am I not Chinese enough because I am unfamiliar with the Chinese language?

Am I masculine enough because I'm born a man?

Do I pledge my allegiance to a country that has a difficult time accepting my differences?

Hence we come to the idea of a box with walls made of expectations, generalisations, assumptions, and misconceptions. It's the physical form of stereotypes that we find ourselves difficulty in fitting into. But to fit into means to blend into the background with everyone else. Not fitting in stands out from the rest.

This series of works I've presented is a portrayal of the struggles we have in this society. Where differences are named and shamed while fitting in and blending in is applauded.

When will we start to be appreciated for our differences and start looking at identity as part of being human rather than say a cis-male-Klang-born-Malaysian-Chinese-and-half-baba?

Title: Fitting into a Box
Medium: Readymades
Size: Various
Year: 2019

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