Footsteps of Man

How loud are our footsteps?
In this work, I look into the 'footprints' we leave around us. How do we utilise our space?
Since this work is produced in London, therefore sounds which are projected are collected in the city itself.


A pair of shoes is attached to the wall. A set of speakers is inserted and hidden from plain sight in each of the shoes. Each shoe plays a different audio collected from different locations and time. The sounds are being played simultaneously and the shoes are placed approximately 1.65m from floor level and the other is 1.35m from floor level.


Title: Footsteps of Man
Medium: Sounds from Shoes
Size: 1.0 x 0.5m
Year: 2017

This work was exhibited as part of the Chelsea College of Art MA Fine Art Interim Show on the 27 April 2017.

Sample Sounds:

Here are the samples of the sounds played by the speakers:
From the left shoe

From the right shoe

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