From Paper to NFT

From drawing on paper, I’ve decided to try drawing digitally. It’s an attempt to keep my artmaking greener. I use a lot of paper and canvas in my journey of making art. I couldn’t keep my mind on my work knowing that I’m leaving more carbon footprints than I should. Hence, by moving my work to a digital format, I hope to reduce the amount of paper and paint that I’ll be using and at the same time produce more artwork for your viewing pleasure.

The NFT that I’ve minted are also in the Polygon chain, which is more sustainable compared to Ethereum. At least that’s according to my understanding. Check this and this for more information.

A New Ecosystem

So, by transitioning to digital, I’ve also moved my drawing activity to a tablet, it’s the XP-Pen 15.6″ Pro Graphic Monitor which cost be a little bit more than I would’ve liked. It worked like a charm. I have not used any other drawing monitors in the past except for the ageing iPad Pro 10.5″. However, I managed to quickly adapt to Affinity Photo, which was 50% off and a more economical version of Adobe Photoshop. It may not be as powerful though. But I am able to work my way around it to produce these NFTs and hopefully more.

A New Shop Alert!

To sell the NFTs that I’ve produced, I’ve opened an NFT Gallery on my website to link to my NFT store. You can easily reference my artworks here and click on the link to go to the OpenSea website to check out the NFTs on sale in that platform. You can access the NFT Gallery via the link on the menu or click the button below.

The Opensea website may be a little bit saturated with stuff. Hence, I do recommend accessing my NFTs via this website and come back from time to time to check out the new artworks from me here.

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