In a private affair, I write about 5000-8000 words a day in my personal journal. But when it comes to writing for a public audience, somehow there's a factor that limits my opinions from being expressed. This is a strange thing, isn't it?

Somehow the idea that when I blog, it's a serious affair and I have to control every single sentence I write for the audience. Not that there are any at the moment as this website is still in its infancy.

However, I do enjoy writing as much as I love creating. They are no doubt seen as the same thing, but they are certainly of different nature.

If you'd hover over the navigation bar and have a look at the work called Room 107, it is actually myself trying to compare the analogy of the background sounds to me. That's the point of beginning where I started venturing into collecting sounds as my choice of media.

I am the background sound which surrounds me or am I the sound which blends in the background and always being ignored by people?

To me, these sounds recorded in my room in London were the sounds I listen to all the time. I feel like I am a background noise which people stopped listening to after a while. Often neglected and ignored, I felt that I am so much like the sound or is the sound like me?

There's a principle which I held on to strongly which is called the Oneness of the Self and the Environment. According to the principle, our environment is the reflection of our inner self. The way we perceive the environment is a reaction to our inner self.

Hence, on the background sounds, do I consider them as noise? Should I rephrase that as do I think myself as noise?

And in conclusion, on Room 107. Is that a sound manifested from within me, the loneliness and the sadness or is that the despair that is from within me manifested into my environment?

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