Of Origami and Memories

Origami Cranes
Origami Cranes

It’s about two weeks to the Lunar New Year, and I’ve started folding origami cranes. It’s been a thing that we do at home since I was really young. I’m not sure about others. But this year, I took a pack of Daiso Origami papers and started folding and ended up with 80 of them. Took me about a day to fold all 80 of them. This meditative process of repetition is quite therapeutic. I started moving between happy memories of my childhood to unpleasant ones.

Suddenly, my impatience dissipated and I could really get into the flow, the rhythm of folding papers and making them look like polygonal birds. This experience is truly inspiring as I could observe the flow of ideas, the movement between memories, from one to the other.

Of A Thousand Origami Cranes

Now the question lies at, what if I ‘meditate‘ through a thousand pieces?

Origami is a paper folding activity which I will not elaborate in this blog entry but you can certainly read about them here. And according to folklore (I may be wrong), folding a thousand cranes will offer the person a wish that would come true. And that makes me wonder even more about these little wish granting activities that we used to explore in our childhood.

So, I will start folding a thousand cranes and find out in the end, what I have learnt in the next blog entry.

Till then…

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