Power, Greed and Hunger


“With great powers, comes great responsibility…”
Quoted from The Amazing Spider-Man
by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Above is a phrase which is not alien to us. Even when it was said in an overly dramatic scene in the beginning of the Spider-Man comic, A Marvel production, we still can’t deny the fact that the saying is true.

When a person is placed in a position of great influence and power, the temptation to abuse it for their own selfish agenda or the hunger for wealth and power tends to destroy whatever selfless intention they have.

Inspired by political events, this series, Power, Greed & Hunger, revolves around people who react negatively when given a certain authority. Their irresponsibility and their greed blinded them from realising the damage they had done to the people they are supposed to be taking care of.

Although these 5 drawings were based on political events, it is no different from the people we see around us. It depicts corruption, white elephants, facts shrouding, evidence eradicating, cronies system, deceit etc.

This series includes the uses of symbols with a surreal approach to portray the theme and the content of the work.

We would never know every detail about an event in history; therefore, this series is all about the perception of those who were led by abusive leaders.


Title: Power, Greed and Hunger
Medium: Charcoal and Pastel on Canvas
Size: 1.4m x 1.0m; 2.2m x 2.4m
Year: 2011

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