Perhaps it’s the idealistic nature in me that I keep finding things so hard to be completed. I wouldn’t say that I’m a perfectionist. But when it comes to creating something like a website where I have total control, I find myself in a bit of a mess.

This domain has been online for at least a year, and the website has been scrapped more times than I can remember. Ever since I got the hosting plan in March 2017, as before it I didn’t give it much thought of having a hosting plan, I’ve been trying to build this website in the past five to six months and without much success.

I’ve been stuck, building and rebuilding to find the perfect website that would represent me. I have very little knowledge then to build any form of a website. But my daredevil within me decided to push myself and jump into this ravine of unquenchable thirst for something so ideal that I can not imagine how it looks like.

Ultimately, the simplest thing came to me. It’s the message that counts. My point of building this time and money consuming website is to showcase my work as well as my thoughts. Hence, I took a few short courses on design and web basics on, and that helped me a lot in making this website function.

Design-wise, it’s still crap.

I have to thank SiteOrigin for having such a lightweight and simplistic page builder as I initially depended on a resource blackhole called Elementor. Also Thank You WordPress, for keeping it simple.

The pen and paper where I drew my sketches of the website were also very helpful.

As you can see, the website is devoid of content. I will be putting up my works in batches as so far, the basic pages are already up, and the portfolio is now being uploaded gradually.

Hence, I thought it’s finally a good start from my side. Sorry, for those who anticipate anything from this site. I will constantly be uploading more and more content with the hope that I will be able to upload all eight years worth of artwork in a short period.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

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